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11 Oct 2020

Tips on building a residential basement

In this episode Rory Gordon, owner of Good London Builders talks about: Why people would want to consider a basement, Reasons why it's not just expensive storage, Why the cost of doing a basement isn't as expensive as you might think, How a basement can have light, The planning permission process for basements and finally Rory talks about his own experience of creating a basement.

21 Sept 2020

Tips On Out Buildings & Home Office Space

In this episode Rory Gordon owner of Good London Builders talks about the current trend of building Out Buildings to use as a home office. He gives his advice on how to go about achieving building this space in your garden (however big or small) as well as different ways to use this useful and versatile space.

26 June 2020

Introduction to Good London Builders

In this brief intro we talk about Good London Builders and what we do. In future episodes we'll be chatting about all aspects of the building process from reasons to do a basement to problems with party wall awards and everything between! If there are any topics you would like to be focussed on please do let us know.


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